June 23, 2010


Last weekend DH and I traveled to Michigan.  After an oversold flight Friday evening, we had to wake up at 3:30am Saturday morning and take the first flight out.  I am not an early bird, so I was basically a walking zombie mumbling incomplete sentences to DH and then giving the flight attendant the stank eye every time she woke me up just to make sure I didn't want anything to snack on.  Need sleepy lady!  And yes I will take that twix bar..... :)  Even though it was a non-stop trip and we were only in Michigan for a total of 18 hours, it was a very special trip.  Two love birds tied the knot that weekend, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Family and friends gathered as two people found love again and became man and wife.  Tim's Grandpa was the lucky groom and we were lucky enough to witness their special day.  Here are a few pics from their wedding and our quick trip to Michigan.  Enjoy!

During our layover in Minneapolis, I was excited to find Caribou coffee...heaven....And I enjoyed it even more because it had a red straw.  Easily amused....

Then I got bored and decided to take pictures of my luggage and cute chunky purse.... :)  I also took pictures of my cute shoes, but I will spare you.

Aren't they cute?  :)

SO happy and in love.

You bet they sealed it with a kiss.... ;)

One gorgeous cake!  It was tasty too... :)

SOOOO Sweet!  Any man who wipes cake off your face is a keeper.... :)

After the ceremony we decided to put on our comfy clothes and go to the beach.....well Lake Michigan....Tim was in deep thought in this photo.  Or he was just exhausted.... :)

It was a good 55 degrees outside and very windy...but my favorite thing in the world is to walk barefoot in cold sand.  Especially burying my feet deep in the sand where it's really cold...I LOVE it!  And could have stayed there all day...

The water was a good 45 degrees...I know because I had my handy dandy thermometer (I'm joking...) It was cold okay....  But that did not stop Aunt Susie! :)

I'm totally in favor of dogs on the beach, but found the Scottish Terrier amusing.....

I decided to pull out my camera on our trip back home.  I was more awake and less cranky, and I love how blue the sky is at 30,000 feet.

Also love the clouds aka "Sea of Charmin"....hehe... :)

Hope you enjoyed Michigan as much as we did! 

Have a fabulous day! :) 


Mere said...

My fave thing about flying is being above the clouds and looking down---there is something serene about it.

I love seeing couples so happy in love! Great pics----oh and never spare shoes pics, always share ;-)

Sarah said...

The Bride and Groom look so happy and in love! I love it! Great pics by the way!!!

Andi said...

OOOHhhhh, love the airplane pics, how amazing!

And can I just say that I tear up joyfully at Tim's Grandpa's wedding!! How sweet and wonderful!!

Looking at these pictures just makes me smile ear to ear (and cry a little too)

Tamara said...

Glad you had a great time on your quick trip to Michigan - isn't Lake Michigan just beautiful!

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