June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! ♥

I just wanted to wish my Dad and all the awesome fathers out there a Happy Father's Day!  The older I get, the more I realize that I am SO much like my Dad.  We both laugh really loud, talk loud, are very outgoing, very hard headed, love sports, love to dance, LOVE shrimp, drive fast, love to crank up the music and sing at the top of our lungs (even though we both can't carry a tune), we both have the same nose (the Hill nose) and same eyes, and actually enjoy talking to strangers.  My dad has a huge heart and would give anyone the shirt off his back.  Dad you have always supported me and my dreams.  I love you and thank you for everything!  And of course I made a little photo tribute to my Dad.  Enjoy!

Check out my Dad's awesome stereo equipment... :)

I LOVED Care Bears..my favorite was Sunshine Bear, in which my dad called me Sunshine... :)

My dad had THE BEST collection of "trucker" hats and there are tons of pictures of me wearing my dad's hats....loved those hats...

At Sea World in San Diego when we lived in California.

LOL...I love this picture....putting together my swing set.  Love the tube socks dad!

My dad is a Desert Storm Veteran and served over 20 years in the United States Air Force. 
So proud of my dad!

Dancing machines.... :)

NYC trip!  My dad and I also went to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame AND Niagra Falls.  But of course I could not find those pictures, but I guarentee I will find them after I post this....

Not afraid to wear my Statue of Liberty gear in public.... :)

Hill Family Reunion in Alabama. 


College Graduation.  My Dad really was happy, he was just trying really hard not to cry. :)  When I decided to move to Florida after graduation, my Dad packed up and drove the Penske truck all the way down to Florida.  Then when I moved out of my first apartment and into my second apartment, he drove all the way back down to Florida, helped me pack up my stuff, then moved me again.  THEN when I decided to move back to Illinois he drove ALL the way back down to Florida, helped me pack again, and moved me back to Illinois.  That is unconditional, I love my crazy only daughter so much, kind of love.  Thanks so much Dad. :)

At the Iron Bowl Game (Auburn vs. Alabama).  My dad is a HUGE......HUUUUUUUUGE Auburn fan.  That was the best football game I've ever been to and a very special day with my Dad.  WAR EAGLE!

My Dad always knows how to make me laugh....
(photographs by Megan Thiele)

My dad has always been my/an amazing Coach.  I played tons of sports growing up and he was always on the side lines cheering me on, calming me down, and taping up my broken/jammed fingers, ankle, shoulder, and knee. He still has all of my trophies/awards.  He even coached me down the aisle on my wedding day with tissue in hand.  :)

Happy Father's Day Dad!  I love you!

Hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day as well.  Have a great day!


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