June 27, 2010

O'Fallon IL Children's Photographer - Jaidyn and Alek

I recently got to spend some time with Jaidyn and Alek. Their mom Marilyn had contacted me about a portrait session, and as soon as she mentioned a playground, I was game. Weaving in and out of the playground, dodging swinging children, trying not to get hit by kids zooming down the slide....I had a blast! :) Jaidyn and Alek are absolutely AH-dorable and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Marilyn for letting me capture their beautiful spirit and their smiling faces. Here are a few from their portrait session. Enjoy!

This is the adorable Alek....say hello....

And the gorgeous Jaidyn....

They both have perfect curly hair.....love it!

And GORGEOUS brown eyes....LOVE!

Hehe....good times...


I just can't get over that hair!  Love it....

Straight out of a GAP catalog.... :)

Mommy had a nice bouquet when we got done....so sweet.  Not sure if the park was too happy about that.... but whatever.... It was all my fault. :)

I love them all...but I LOVE this one....

Sibling love... :)

Alek had a little fall (backwards off of the table and scared the crap out of me) but he is a trooper....plus hugs from mom make it all better!  And turn into cute pictures... :) 

Had to get mom in at least one photo.....so cute!!!!  They have one AWESOME mom! :)

They have this....thing.....that you sit on and there's a handle at the top and you crank it in circles and it spins you...never seen anyting like it.  I need to get out more.... :)

Alek also had his turn on the...thing....I don't know what it's called! 
It was cute though....and I adore his eyelashes!

Little Elvis grin.... :)

Thanks again Jaidyn and Alek (and mom).  :)  You both are little beauties!

Have a fabulous day!


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