May 19, 2016

Natasha & Garrett MARRIED - St. Louis Wedding Photographer - Bissinger's Caramel Room Wedding Photographer, Preferred Vendor

Remember Natasha and Garrett from their gorgeous Washington DC engagement session?!!???  Well, they got married……and it was FABULOUS!  They both got ready at the stunning Magnolia Hotel, then had their ceremony and reception at one of my favorite venues, Bissinger's Caramel Room in St. Louis.  Have I mentioned I LOVE my job????  Yes.  And I love Natasha and Garrett and their ADORABLE family.  LOVED their wedding day!  Miss you both so much!  Here come SO many photos, I just can't help myself!  And yes they uploaded out of order, and no I don't care….. Enjoy!

I just LOVE you guys….. 


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