April 29, 2012

Sarah and Chad SNEAK PEEK - Maryville, IL Wedding Photographer

Hi there!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!  So I usually don't do this.....but after yesterday's wedding.....I feel like Sarah and Chad need a sneak peek.

The setting....a gorgeous winery, gorgeous couple, and a gorgeous planned outdoor ceremony...."perfect wedding" right?  But then mother nature decided to strut her stuff and basically throw torrential rain, intense lightening, golfball sized hail, and lovely tornado warnings at us.  I'm not going to lie, most brides (including myself) may have thrown a mini tantrum or at least shed a small tear....BUT....Sarah was not that bride.  I just have to give her MAJOR PROPS for staying cool, calm, and collected the entire day....just radiant and elegant.  And Chad also staying cool, calm,, and collected....just one lovely couple.  Despite the challenges of relocating the ceremony, taking pictures under a balcony to the sounds of tornado sirens, and watching hail fall into the lake setting in which you were supposed to be married.....you both absolutely shined.   So thank you both for being so amazing and patient and not letting a little tornado or some hail ruin your special day.  Your love and respect for each other is so strong and genuine...I'm so happy for you both and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

And a HUGE shout out and thank you to my assistant aka husband for being my rock yesterday.  He doesn't usually come with me to weddings....but given the weather I asked him to tag along on his only day off.  He helped me SO MUCH (holding an umbrella over me while getting soaked.....moving flower arrangements to safety, pulling up the weather radar on his phone and keeping all of us in the loop.....not getting angry at me when my voice got a little stern while trying to move my gear inside at a rapid pace)....he is absolutely amazing and I am one lucky gal.  SMOOCHES!

Have a great week everyone!


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