August 1, 2011

Jamaica Bay...

If I can't go to the ocean, I figured I would bring the ocean to me.   A while back I decided I wanted to paint our dining room and kitchen.  My favorite color is red, but I am currently really digging turquoise and teal.  And since Tim is such a wonderful husband, he agreed.  :)  Tim and I had gone up to Home Depot over a month ago and picked out the perfect color, but July has been sooooo busy (I love my clients) that we just got around to painting.  Last weekend we welcomed "Jamaica Bay" into our home and yesterday we put up our new chandelier.  I must say....I'm in love.  Just wanted to share a few :)  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and happy August!

I'm so bad with "before" pics...I know I took one but don't know where it is. 
Just imagine the room a light beige and a large brass chandelier.
This is after.....still need to get more light bulbs :)

Chunky goodness... :)

PS:  I am on the hunt for gray and white pin striped curtains and table mats. 
If you see some, holla at your girl ;)

Have a great week!


Michelle said...

It's absolutely lovely and inviting! Amazing choice!

Stacy M said...

We have the same taste in colors! :0) My fav being red, then teal/aqua, throw in some yellow and total perfection.

This room is beautiful!!!! And the chandelier is to die for!!

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