August 16, 2011

"Beautiful Eyes"- I Heart Faces

Hi there!  So the "theme" for this week's contest over at I Heart Faces is "Beautiful Eyes" and I just happened to be editing and came across this gorgeous photo of Tiereney.  She's stunning AND she has two different colored eyes....loooooove that.  So I thought I would share!  Make sure to swing on over and look at all of the beautiful entries this week!

Have a fabulous week! :)


Jessala White said...

Very beautiful and unique!

Strongmomma said...

Wow!! I wish I had her eyes!! Awesome entry!!!

Michelle said...

So beautiful! Great shot and AMAZING eyes!

Kristi Deter ( Lambert ) said...

Oh very cool! I love it when people have 2 different eye colors ;)

Ali C said...

Gorgeous girl! My neighbor's son has two different colored eyes and it is so cool!

Catherine Grace Life Photography said...


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