March 12, 2010

Purple...I'm Obsessed...

SO recently I have been on a purple kick.  Purple tops, purple trench coat, purple flowers, purple nail polish, and now purple it.  My fav color is red but purple is running in close second right now.  I recently visited my local MAC makeup counter and picked up a few things.  I know a lot of women out there want to try new eye shadow colors and may be a bit hesitant, but I say go for it!  The best thing you can do it go to your local/fav makeup counter and just play!  It's fun....AND you may surprise yourself.  I REALLY wanted to try some new shades and had my eyes on the new Spring line....especially the purple....I was not sure if I could pull it off (my skin is very fair) but the MAC genius behind the counter really convinced me to rock the purple.  So that's exactly what I did. :)

I picked up the "Limited-Edition" Spring Colour 3

Which includes Mink Pink, Bruised Plum (my fav) Black Tulip, and Jungle Moon. All different shades of purple, very pretty.

Had to share.... :)

Here's a view of what they look like....I used Opal by Bare Escentuals as a "highlighter" under my eyebrow.  I felt my skin was too fair to use the "mink pink" as a highlighter.  Then used Bruised Plum all over my lid, Black Tulip in the outer crease and outer part of the lid, then used the Jungle Moon as a liner above my lashes.

 Like my freckle above my eye?  It's my "signature" freckle....(that's what I call it...) Oh and my hair is wet in this picture....just in case you were wondering... (Ewww why does her hair look crunchy)
I was thinking the same thing....  :)

I also picked up this AH mazing little secret....well it's not a secret....Eye Paint in Bare Canvas. 

Just apply this all over the lid (even under your eyebrow) before you apply any eye shadow.  This creates a "smooth, crease-free surface which allows for easy application of your eye shadow, blendability (I like that word) and flexibility of coverage".  Basically your eye shadows last way longer through out the day and they go on a lot smoother. 
AND you only need to apply a tiny bit of paint, a little goes a long way.

*Note- Do not use foundation on your eyes.  Why you ask?  It creates a crease, it is not dermatologist tested, and it absorbs your make-up.  Your eyelids are one of the most sensitive areas of skin.
(You can thank the lovely and talented Monika Ruzicka for those awesome tips!)

I also picked up some new makeup brushes.  The "most exciting" brush out of these would have to be the MAC 190 Foundation Brush.  LOVE it. 

I have used makeup sponges that?  So this was hard for me, but Monika Ruzicka insisted that I switch to a foundation brush.  "Sponges are like a divorce...they take half" you are basically wasting half of your foundation to a sponge.  So divorce that sponge!  The foundation brush is SO much better and my MAC foundation goes on faster, more evenly, and looks more polished.  It does, I swear. 

Then after "splurging" at the MAC counter, I ventured on over to Target. I remembered Andi writing about in her blog how much she liked her makeup brushes from Target.  There I picked up a few by Sonia Kashuk to add to my collection.  Thanks Andi!

PS:  The 150 large Powder Brush is my absolute FAV of my "collection".  I use this brush to apply my MAC Blot Powder.  Love it. 

Finally, to conclude my "purple" obession for the day, I picked up a new polish called  Do You Lilac It by OPI.  I REALLY like this purple.  According to OPI, "it's purple with an attitude"...well ok then...

Please don't judge my cuticles!  Please?  I have the grossest (word?) bad habit of chewing my cuticles...I know I know...I'm sorry...I can't help it...

But the color is truly should try it! :)

SO I hope that helps all of you ladies (and men) who are on the fence about trying new colors (especially purple).  Don't be afraid to go outside of the box or your "comfort zone" and try something new.  You may just like it!  Then want every single colored eye shadow MAC has to me....  :)

Looking forward to Sara's Senior Portrait Session this weekend!  Stay tuned for that! 
Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Love those colors! The eyeshadow looks really great!

Nicole said...

You always inspire me to be more adventurous with make up, clothes, decor... I love it! The only thing I would want you to change is POST MORE... like EVVAARRRYYYDDAAYY!

Hugs and kisses girlfriend!


Thanks Jennifer! :)

Nicole- Thank you... :) I would LOVE to post everyday but then I may bore you...or drive myself crazy trying to come up with something to make Nicole happy! lol... :) I will work on that though. Maybe I should swing by your family garage sale tomorrow and blog about that? Have fun getting up at 5am my dear!
XOXO chica!

Michelle said...

Great photos! I've been on a purple kick since last summer... always been a red girl too. :o)

My advise for fair skin and purple eyeshadow... be careful wearing it when you're tired as it can accentuate any hint of darkness under your eyes. :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I was just going to ask you if you picked up anything from the Spring Colour Forecast! What an awesome post! Loved these pics! You did a great job. I heart purple as well, especially purple shadows :)
Love the polish too. And I actually didn't notice your hair or cuticles until you said something. And even then I didn't notice :)


Michelle- Thank you! I will always be a "red" girl... :) And yes, great tip! I noticed that the other day when I got home from work.."man I look like crap"... :)

Andi -Thank you! Glad you didn't notice... Can I borrow your Blue London Polish? ;) Can't wait to see what that looks like btw. xoxo chica!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Pretty pretty...I love me some purple!


Thanks Susie! :) I love me some purple too...

Kayla said...



Thanks Kayla! :)

Elise said...

Unfortunately, I can't be as wonderful and adventurous as you when it comes to eyeshadow. I have dark blue eyes so not a lot of color looks good on my eyelids. :)


Awww Elise I have blue eyes...and that's exactly what I said...but I was pleasantly surprised! I feel that way about green shadow on me, it looks terrible...But you never know until you try... :)

MsHark said...

Oh I love this purple makeup in this post. I had always stayed away from it but it has inspired me to try it!

Monika said...

My Kristina this is your personal make up artist, Monika. You have done an amazing job on your website! I am so proud and impressed! If you ever want me to do Q and A for your website or anything let me know k. Oh and u obviously haven't seen the purple collection your mom bought from me it is possibly the prettiest purple collection i have ever seen. It is AMAZING!I love looking @ your website and again,I am so proud of you! xoxo

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letterstobetsy said...

cool! i am going to check out the new pallets at mac. i have all the brushes and could never live without them! my roommate in college actually worked at mac and we got tons of stuff discounted so i have a whole collection of brushes..wahoo


Oh MAC is SO addictive! Your roommate worked there?? Yes please! I'm sure you have a pretty impressive collection then. Awesome! :)

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