May 31, 2012

Erin and Scott ENGAGED - Belleville IL Wedding Photographer

Erin and Scott are getting married in October on a Friday.....which I love.  We recently met in Belleville on a hot windy day for their engagement session.  They brought along their AH-dorable dog Masie and a scooter, omg was I excited!  Here are a few from their engagement session, enjoy!

Scott is a tall volleyball smack you in the face tall....which is why I LOVE to shoot in alleys because there is always a random crate or center block to stand my high heeled boots :)  
Mad balancing skills people....  Thanks Scott for helping me move that center block back.

Scooter + lime green garage = LOVE
I'm tellin ya.....photographing in alleys is the bomb diggity....

See you both in October! :)


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