December 9, 2011

Emily and Aaron - Belleville Illinois Wedding Photographer

Hi there!  So I haven't posted in a while...lo siento.  This time of year is crazy busy (which I love) but I have lots of bloggity goodness to share, so stay tuned for multiple posts....oh yes :) 

I just have to say how dang EXCITED I am about my couples next year. and outgoing....I love them all so much ;)  And Emily and Aaron are one of those couples.  I have known Aaron since he was a little guy (I'm friends with his older brother) and seeing him all grown up and engaged to the gorgeous Emily....I'm so happy for him.  Aaron is so charming and sweet and Emily is drop dead gorgeous and has the best laugh ever, together they are so flippin adorable.  Thanks again you two, I am SO excited for your September wedding! :)

See?  AH-dorable.... :)

Aaron's parents have a gorgeous house in the middle of the country...with horses...and a barn....♥


Emily's favorite Disney movie is when they asked to bring along balloons I jumped for joy....The "Up" mailbox will be making an appearance at their excited :)

HUGE thank you to the nice man who owns this barn.  I have driven past it tons of times and have always wanted to shoot there.  We sent Aaron's charming self up to their front door to ask which they gladly said yes, appreciated us for asking, and then gave Aaron and Emily a board from the barn to make a picture frame.  So so so nice of him :)

The wind was very windy that day.... ;)

Blue heels! ♥

Have a fabulous weekend :)


Jenny Hodges said...

Amazing pictures!!!! I love them all, so many good ones to pick through. The couple is so cute together & how nice of the barn owner to give them a board for a frame!

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