July 18, 2011

U2....I heart you...

Hi there!  Did you have a good weekend?  My weekend was CRAZY busy.  Family sessions, 2nd shooting a wedding 5 hours away, then rushing home in time to shower and go see U2.....crazy busy.  Am I tired?  Oh yes....  But was this weekend awesome?  Oh yes...  And to top it all off, my husband and I went and saw U2 in concert last night at Busch Stadium.  We bought tickets about a year ago and waited patiently for yesterday to arrive.  We had general admission tickets which in this case, we got to stand on the field.  That alone was super exciting for me.  And the concert?  AH-MAZING!  Concerts in general are hella (yes I said hella) exciting, but this one in particular topped my "best concerts ever" list.  And the cherry on top?  I got a copy of the set list.....SQUEEEEEE! 

FYI....I took these with my little Kodak camera....so don't hate... ;)

AND I have a new addition to my inspiration board.  Towards the end of the concert a guy in dark clothing, a walkie talkie, and an ear piece wandered his way into the crown and stood right in front of us.  "Oh he must be with the crew"....then I spotted a white piece of paper sticking out of his front pocket.  Yes, I'm like a hawk.  It was neatly folded and I could see a list of words....SET LIST!  I looked at Tim and whispered..."he has a set list....I want to take a picture of it"...So I tapped the nice man on the shoulder and asked him if he had a set list?  He grinned at me and said yes....  So I politely asked him if I could please take a picture of it....And then he laughed and said "YOU CAN HAVE IT"....REALLLLLLLLY?  lol... 
Yes I'm a total dork and got really excited.  That my friends was A MOMENT :)

Thank you so much nice man :)  And thank you U2 for an AH-MAZING show! 

Hope you all have a great week!


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