May 11, 2010

DIY- Master Bedroom

So DH and I recently decided to "tackle" our master bedroom.  We had originally painted the master bedroom when we moved in, thanks to our friends Chris and Megan.  It's not that I disliked the color, but wanted something brighter and more colorful.  So.......then I got the bright idea of painting it purple.  Tim was not so keen on the idea of purple, so it took a little um...nagging.  Hehe...for the last few months I have been trying to "persuade" Tim on purple.  "Not like grape tacky bright purple, more like cool calm awesome purple!"  Well finally Tim just gave in and a purple bedroom was born.  I win! :)


Our original bedding was black, then we got married and got new bedding which didn't go with anything in the room.  The original paint color was "Earthy Cane" by Behr.  The room just looked blah and nothing matched.  Please excuse Gracie's tail...

Then we bought paint samples.  I usually don't buy paint samples, but for some strange reason I decided to this time around.  AND I'm SO glad I did.  The first "color" I picked is on the right and it's called "Lavender Sparkle."  Tim just liked to say Sparkle....  When it dried it was horrible!  A very pale/white purple.  Um no.  So then we went back and I chose "Lilac Bloom" which is the color on the left.  Much better.


Lilac Bloom.

I still need to put our duvet cover back on, but for now am enjoying the crisp white down comforter. 
What do you think?  YES I still need to decorate, hang pictures, etc....but I am liking the color a lot.

Oh and we also painted our furniture.  This 3 piece set belonged to my parents from back in the day.  I've had it for years and years.

Before (removed all the brassy knobs)

Please excuse the was 11:00pm when I took this....don't judge... :)  Doesn't it look better???  I still have to find knobs, I'm wanting some chunky glass or white knobs.  They (Hobby Lobby) have chunky white knobs with fleur di we'll see... :)

That's all for now.  As soon as I finish decorating, replacing the ceiling fan, and doors I will share a "grand finale" pic.  I just like to say grand finale.... :)  OH and DH loves the purple.  Told ya so....
Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

WOW, LOVE that color purple! So chic and modern, especially with the dark wood and crisp white linen. Very good pick! PS-my grandparents have had a purple bedroom for 50+ years and it's worked out well for them :)

Anthropologie also has the best knobs!

Jess said...

Love it!! Can't wait to see it all done.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Fab transformation, I would never want to leave that room now!

Laura said...

Love the color!! And the dresser and hutch...I have my parents from back in the day too and yours looks exactly like the one I got from them!!

Leah said...

Fun to watch your room transform! Great job!


Andi- Thank you! that your grandparents have a purple room! That makes me happy! OH and I looked at the knobs at Anthropologie last weekend, LOVE them. Spent a good 30 minutes just looking at knobs..hehe...but they are expensive. :(

Thanks Jess! :)

Thanks melissa! :) I wake up and go...yup, my room is purple...awesome... :)

Laura- Thank you! SO funny you have the same furniture! I think my parents got it in Japan or California? Old School... :)

Thanks Leah! :) Now I just need to hang some pics!

MsHark said...

I love what you did with the room! Really pretty.

Hey, I was thinking of photography today and I thought you might be a good person to ask! I have a Nikon D40, I think it takes great pictures even without knowing what I am doing - but I imagine if I actually KNEW what I was doing they would be that much better... do you have any recommendations on how to learn to take good pictures? without having access to a class? Is there a basic book that is good to read? Should I read the manual? Lol.


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